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A month later, you will have your own salon

A month later, you will have your own salon

If you have passion to do business in beauty, you can do it

To salon owner

Trip Salon

Do you have such a problem?

I love beauty and I want to help
people become beautiful.

I want to open my own store!
I want to open my own beauty salon!

I have finished raising my children.
I want to make an income in my free time.

Wanna do a stable job
I want to have a job that I can do at home.

I'm currently running an esthetic salon,
but I want to increase the profit.

I have problem of attracting ppl

Do what you like and do your own speed?
Wanna be a specialist of beauty?

Sheis will dototal support such as technique,
opening salon, salon operation. Don’t worry!


Lift up without using a scalpel

Convincing, Effictiveness
Good accuracy and reliable, made in Japan
Compact size, price

What is HIFU?

HIFU is officially called "High Intensity Focused Ultrasound", which means "High Density Focused Ultrasound". The HIFU EX uses ultrasound waves at a temperature of 60~70 degrees celsius to raise the facial fascia, which conventional esthetic devices cannot reach.


High customer satisfaction! The effect is felt after the treatment and in the medium to long term. Immediately after the treatment, the face is pulled up and lifted up. For the next 2-3 weeks, collagen and elastin will grow, so you can enjoy the firmness and luster of your skin.

What is HIFU in the first place?

Wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes and forehead 1.5 mm
Epidermis layer Improvement of skin quality / tightening of pores 3.0mm
Dermis layer lift up 4.5mm SMAS layer


* One-time treatment. The effect of the treatment varies from person to person.

Because it is made in Japan, the training and follow-up services are excellent!

When something goes wrong with the equipment, it can take up to 3 months to get a replacement if it is made overseas.If the equipment is made overseas, it may take up to three months to get a replacement. This will cause inconvenience to the customers who have made reservations, and will affect the store's credibility and most importantly, sales.EX HIFU is made in Japan, so even if the equipment breaks down, we can respond quickly and deliver a replacement unit in as little as one day in Tokyo. Not everyone can use an effective HIFU device. We provide a total of 50 hours of training to learn how to safely meet the needs of our customers, and we give you a diploma (official certificate).

open the salon

If you are planning to start your own esthetic business, leave it to SheIs!

Package plan

EX HIFU machine
Training in the
use of HIFU
Creation of
a salon website

What to worry about when opening a business

SheIs the solution!

I have no experience in esthetics

If you go to a beauty school, the average cost is about 2 million yen.
package comes with 26-day training program to learn enough skills to open a business on your own.

I'm worried about the initial cost

The cost of the equipment is reasonable in the industry.
We also offer installment payments (from 21,000 yen per month).

Rent for the salon seems expensive

With EX HIFU, you can start your business without rent.
EX HIFU can be started without rent.

I'm not sure if I can attract customers or if it will cost a lot of money to create a website.

If you are worried about whether you can attract customers and how much it will cost to create a website, we can help you. (Advertising and maintenance costs are not included)Together with our advisors, we will support you to solidify your store's branding and attract more customers. (Photo: sample homepage)

"You're not alone!"

SheIs is a company that imports, promotes, and sells products for female consumers from scratch. We also manage a community of experienced entrepreneurs and advisors. If you don't have anyone around you who has experience in starting a business, or if you want accurate advice from a company owner, don't worry. We are your friends. Let's start a business together!

Support after contract

Training (Number of days varies depending on experience. Maximum 52 hours)/ Preparation for opening business, creation of website, etc.

Issue diploma
(certificate of graduation)

Open the salon!
Start treatment for customers

For salons with problems

SheIs the solution!

If you want to increase sales and have a low repeat customer rate, you can use this course.

If there is no visible effect, you will not be able to win the hearts of customers. In order to achieve results with HIFU, "accuracy of irradiation" and "constant output" are necessary. The strength of EX HIFU is its accuracy and stable output. Please try it for yourself.

We want more people to know about our salon.

The package plan includes the creation of a website.
Attract customers without relying on media with an attractive website.

Points for esthetic salon owners

Easy to operate

The handle is light,
so there is less burden on the practitioner.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete a facial treatment, which leads to higher utilization rate of the salon.

Small size (17kg) makes it easy to install in salons, and it can also be used for business trips.

PL insurance is included, In case something happens, you can get a generous guarantee.


The comments from successed salon owners

Ciel  bleu
Mrs. Nakatogawa Tomoko

High effect in one session
I used to run a store with an all-hand slimming menu, but I was looking for a machine that would help me reach areas that I couldn't reach with just my hands, and that's when I came across Haif.
I used to work at an aesthetic salon where I used to work, but to be honest, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the machine and didn't have a good image of it.But I was surprised when I tried this hyphen!I had a trial treatment on my face and waist area, and after just one session, my face was lifted and became smaller, and my waist area was clearly smaller.I was so impressed that I decided to install the system immediately.We now offer it as part of our all-hand massage menu, and our customers always say, "Wow!The aftercare is also excellent.
The aftercare service is excellent, and they always respond to my questions promptly and politely.I would like to continue to share the beauty of HIF with as many customers as possible.


It was the right decision to introduce this system because of this era (the Corona craze).
As I've been going out less and less, my weekly visits have been reduced to twice a month, but my sales have doubled!
All of our customers have been adding HIFU treatments to their existing treatments.
The first time is effective, but the third time is very effective, and the customers voluntarily start exercising without us asking them to do anything, and their awareness of health and beauty goes up!
One of our most successful customers lost almost 10 kilograms in six months by combining HIFU and other treatments, transforming into a different person, which motivates me even more.
Some patients look forward to HIFU every month and say, "I miss that feeling! There are even people who say, "I miss that feeling!There is no rebound even after one month of irradiation.We are happy because we can maintain the results while maintaining motivation in a short period of time, because we can maintain the results without repeating the common dieting cycle of getting results, rebounding, getting results again, rebounding, and so on!

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